Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 book 24

Laura Lippman's The Girl in the Green Raincoat
I've enjoyed Lippman's stand-alone mystery/thrillers that have come out the past couple of years, and have been meaning to give her long-running Tess Monaghan mystery series a try. This novella seemed like a good chance to get into it--heavily pregnant and on bed-rest, Tess gets involved with solving the disappearance of a dog-walker she'd been noticing from her window (nods are made to both Rear Window and Daughter of Time). And man, this book has lots of things I like--greyhounds, pop culture references, Judaism, references to To Kill a Mockingbird, general humor . . . I REALLY need to read the rest of this series. A.

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Alicia K. said...

OK, I should say that the end is fairly silly, but I liked the characters and writing enough that I didn't mind.