Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 book 65

Ken Jennings' Brainiac
Man, why does it take so much longer to read non-fiction than fiction? Even fun non-fiction, like Jennings' chronicle of his Jeopardy experience meshed with a general history of trivia (ok, some of that was less fun for me--I'm clearly not as hardcore a trivia nerd as some people out there and could have done without some of those chapters). I've been reading Jennings' blog for a while and he's very funny, so it seemed high time to check out this book, which I did enjoy. It made me nostalgic for my quiz bowl days (ok, day, to be accurate--I played a game once with my friend Andy and two other dudes in our dorm when they needed a fourth. The only thing I even remember is correctly answering a question about The Princess Bride. I still expect to see Andy on Jeopardy any day now). Jennings' writing in this is just as funny as I expected, but like I said, the topic didn't always enthrall me. B+.

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