Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 book 148

C.J. Redwine's Defiance
It's yet another YA romance-cum-dystopian-adventure, in a future where some sort of monster is menacing around and thus now there's a crazy dictator in charge (the world-building here is a little weak).  Of course it's a misogynistic society where women have no power and can't even be alone in public, but our heroine's father trained her to fight with swords and stuff. Also there is an attractive dude who invents things. The completely ridiculous dictator inspires a mission and also inspires revenge. I don't know, this is great for teens who loved Hunger Games and the Chaos Walking series, but I thought the writing here was . . . not great. I mean, the writing itself is fine, but there's way too much telling instead of showing, and I didn't really feel for any of these characters. It was all so . . . melodramatic. But like I said, teens should be into it. C.

An e-galley was provided by the publisher. This book will be released in August.

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