Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 book 162

Ernest Cline's Ready Player One
I was not at all excited when I found out this was the next FYA book club book, b/c I DID NOT want to read a book about a dude in a virtual reality world. But it started off strong and I was actually kind of interested . . . until like halfway through when it got SO BORING. Maybe if I'd been a slightly older nerd in the 80s I'd have liked it more, but even the pop culture references I loved got boring after a while--not to mention the endless, ENDLESS video game playing. And not to mention the weirdly tacked on and completely ridiculous romance angle. It did pick up a bit toward the end but man, this book was not my thing at all. AT ALL. C.

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Christina said...

This book was not good. I didn't enjoy listening to it, and I kept waiting for something really exciting to happen. Snooze fest!