Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 book 196

Tana French's Broken Harbor
I really enjoy French's Dublin Murder Squad series (the last one, Faithful Place, was excellent), but this one was not entirely up to snuff for me. I think if it had been edited down a bit more, been a bit shorter, it'd have been a lot stronger. Anyway, one of the detectives who I guess is a secondary character in one or more of the other books (I remember nothing about him, but there are references to some mysterious previous case) and his rookie partner are assigned to solve the murder of an entire family. But obviously it's not going to be that simple, especially when the detective has family ties to the neighborhood of the victims. I liked the resolution a lot, just thought the whole thing dragged a bit, especially with all the foreshadowing that things were going to go badly. B.

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