Monday, November 05, 2012

2012 book 316

Sarah Jio's Blackberry Winter
This book was just terrible. It has a pretty good premise-- a reporter who lost her child in an accident is investigating the story of a little boy who disappeared in a snowstorm in 1933--but everything that happens is predictable and, honestly, stupid. It's like, she meets one old lady who's like, I have a friend whose dad was a lawyer, and OF COURSE he was the very lawyer she needed to track down and his 80 year old papers are conveniently still around. And her story is alternated with the missing boy's mother, which is an even worse bundle of cliches--poor girl meets kindly rich guy with an interfering family, blah blah. Plus all of the absolute ridiculous drama with her husband that could be solved with one conversation. I could rant about the awfulness of this book for a while longer, but don't want to waste any more time thinking about it. F.


Kerri said...

Oh, boo. Goodreads keeps recommending it to me. I was hoping it would be good. I just checked out another of her books but haven't started it yet. Maybe it will be better.

Alicia K. said...

It has a LOT of good reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, so don't necessarily take my word for it!