Tuesday, July 01, 2014

2014 book 150

Emma Healey's Elizabeth is Missing
So this is a book about an old woman with SEVERE dementia, convinced her best friend is missing, but conflating everything with the actual disappearance of her sister seventy years earlier. This was an EXTREMELY frustrating read--there's no way a woman with this kind of memory problem should EVER be left alone, which she frequently is. It took me out of the story quite a bit and made me just infuriated. And things just move way too slowly--there's a lot that's obvious to the reader that just takes forever to be revealed--it feels like the novel is just spinning its wheels. Which is appropriate for a novel about dementia, but is kind of annoying. I guess this is supposed to be reminiscent of a book like Turn of Mind, but it was just not as engrossing. B/B-.

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