Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 book 172

Phoebe North's Starbreak
The sequel to Starglass (the Jewish sci-fi spaceship book) was kind of a slow starter for me--partially because I didn't remember a lot of details from the first one, and partially because the protagonist is almost solely motivated by her desire to meet the boy (of another species) (HE'S A PLANT!) she's got a psychic connection with (or something? I didn't remember ANYTHING about him from the first one). I mean, she's on this whole new planet, and her life is in danger from a variety of things, and she still is just thinking about this random dude ALLLLLL the time. Be more interesting!! The second half is stronger--interesting political stuff is going on, and I do like how it ended--but in general I liked this less than the first one. B.

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