Thursday, July 03, 2014

2014 book 153

Carola Dunn's Death At Wentwater Court
I enjoyed that Daisy Dalrymple book I read a couple years ago, so decided to start the series from the beginning. This is a strong opener--Daisy, longing to be independent, is setting up as a journalist, and goes to a country estate to do a piece on the house, when there is a MURDER! There are lots of suspects and secrets and sympathetic characters, and Daisy is integrated into the mystery-solving team in a fairly realistic way. Plus, cute police detective! There are a few too many bits of 1920s slang inserted (lots of "old bean"s "pip-pip"s and "what ho!"s and the like, it's all very silly) but this was definitely enjoyable and a solid read. A-/B+.

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