Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 book 220

Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller's Nightmares!
I mean, I like Jason Segal a lot, and it's cool that he wrote a book, but I am 100 percent reading this for his co-author Kirsten Miller!!! (She wrote my beloved Kiki Strike books, among other things.) And this book was fine, I guess. I was annoyed at a lot of plot stuff being predicated on one character refusing to have a conversation with another--one of my least favorite fictional tropes. And a lot of the story is really predictable--I'm not sure if that's b/c I read a lot of this type of middle grade book or not. There are some funny moments, and some very enjoyable nightmare characters (I was partial to the gorgons). The illustrations definitely take the fear/tension down a notch--they're overly cutesy for the story being told. I mean, I'm sure a kid would like this, but it wasn't as awesome as I was hoping. B.

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