Tuesday, September 09, 2014

2014 book 218

Mary Lawson's Road Ends
I've never heard of Mary Lawson before*, but she is now at the forefront of my mind, because this book was GREAT. It's about a troubled family in the 60s in the North of Canada, and what happens when their oldest daughter escapes their hold and moves to England, and they sort of crumble apart. They're all sympathetic characters, is the thing! It's told from the POV of Megan--who is AMAZING and gets stuff done--as well as her oldest brother, subsumed by a personal tragedy, and their father, unable to cope and also sort of subsumed by personal tragedies. And I'm not saying parts of this aren't grim, but parts of it are also very funny, and sweet, and hopeful, and all of it is wonderful. I really, really liked this. A.

This is a lie: I just checked and I've read another book by her that I also loved. Sheesh. Note to self: Mary Lawson is great and try to get that to stick in your brain!

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