Thursday, June 04, 2015

2015 book 139

Carrie Ryan's Daughter of Deep Silence
I was curious about Ryan's latest, after her zombie trilogy, since it was contemporary YA. It centers on a girl who has survived a brutal cruise ship attack--and the only other survivors are claiming that a wave sent the ship down, and not a bunch of dudes with guns. (Of course the other survivors are the hot boy she had a shipboard romance with, and his senator father.) Now it's four years later and she's been living under her shipboard friend's identity (it kind of makes sense in context?) and is determined to finally set the story straight--and take the Senator down. The writing here is amazingly overwrought, even by YA standards, and the story is fairly silly all around, despite its efforts at being a mystery/thriller. It honestly feels like a teen version of the tv show Revenge. But like, the later, dumber seasons. The romantic stuff just makes things worse (I actually said "gross" and "uch" out loud at various points). On the other hand, this is certainly summer popcorn reading, and it kept me engaged, even if I was rolling my eyes basically the whole time. I mean, I didn't like this at all, but it was still entertaining? Is this what hate-reading is? C.

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