Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 book 52

Corinne Duyvis' On the Edge of Gone
I keep accidentally reading sci-fi books this week, but it's ok, because they've all been pretty good ones. I had high expectations for this one, because I really enjoyed the author's last book, and this mostly met them! It's set in near-future Amsterdam, where the planet is dealing with a variety of natural disasters, and things are looking pretty bleak--when teenage Denise (biracial and autistic) discovers a generation ship about to take off, and is determined to win places for her family on board. The autism is handled really well and I think realistically, and I really enjoyed reading about Denise's experiences on the ship. I also appreciated that any and all romance was totally on the backburner, b/c it's a freaking apocalypse, after all! However, this book stressed me the eff out! It turns out I have a really hard time with characters breaking rules during an apocalypse. I think this really says a lot about me as a person, and not necessarily good things, heh. But it was weirdly upsetting to me. The end is also a little bit all over the place. But, all in all, pretty good. B/B+.

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