Wednesday, September 07, 2016

2016 book 157

Laure Eve's The Graces
This is one of those books with a plot that sounds like a cliche--a girl moves to a new town, where she becomes intrigued by a trio of mysterious, beautiful, popular siblings, and wants to be part of their inner circle. Yeah yeah, it's been done before. BUT these siblings are maybe witches? Which actually still sounds like a cliche, I guess. It's all super silly, lots of descriptions of flowing skirts and knee high boots and golden boys, but things eventually devolve into overwrought melodrama, and the main character is terminally stupid. I think I'm past the stage where I commiserate with teen girls who want to be part of the school ruling class. Like, get over yourself, get some magic powers, and get off the pot, you know? Learn a life lesson from The Craft. Find a hobby. (I think this is aiming for a Twilight-y audience: the main character is never described, not even her hair color until she gets a makeover, so impressionable young girls can better imagine themselves hanging out with magical beautiful teens.) I did kind of like the ending but this book is VERY ridiculous. B.

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