Tuesday, July 19, 2005

2005 book 91

ruth reichl's garlic and sapphires
there's a massive thunderstorm going on just outside, which means it was the perfect time to finish a nice book about food. actually, this third memoir by reichl isn't just about food or food writing, it's about the experience of being an important critic at the new york times. reichl assumes a series of disguises to hide her identity as she visits various restaurants, but eventually these personalities start to take her over--which makes for a fascinating read. of course, the book is a good one anyway for those of us who enjoy food writing--some of reichl's reviews are included, rounding out her anecdotes. however, reichl doesn't always seem likable even when she's not costumed as some smarmy tweedy woman--she's totally a bitch about some of her former ny times colleagues, and actually calls one editor smelly. oh, that is just not right. although i enjoy reichl's easygoing writing and her thoughts on food, i sort of hope this is her last memoir. i'm not sure her current job as editor of gourmet would make for such a compelling read, and i personally don't want to read any more snark about her co-workers. it just seems impolitic and makes reichl a lot less sympathetic.


Phil said...

I liked the first memoir when I first read it. But not so much anymore.

Did you hear her interview with Terry Gross a few years back? Live, Ruth Reichl is extra fun.

wordnerdy said...

i actually own the first one, but got the other two from the library--honestly, i don't see any reason to re-read her anecdotes about extramarital affairs and smelly co-workers.

i didn't hear that interview--but it makes me glad to hear she's fun in real life. :)