Wednesday, June 25, 2008

lip gloss reviews

I'm pretty into lip gloss--it's the only makeup I wear--so I don't know why I never talk about it here. I mean, there are classics like the various Lipsmacker flavors (my sister got me the Starburst flavors to cheer me up after I got hit by a car--we share a love of lip gloss), and then there are exciting new summer trends. Here's some of what I've been using lately:

Earlier in the spring I was using Carol's Daughter Candy Paint (and felt very validated when Mindy Kaling raved about it). The color was nice and sheer, but I didn't love the texture and I had to squeeze out a ton of clear goo before the actual lip gloss came out. So I decided not to buy a new tube when mine started to run out.

Instead, I bought the Too Faced Mood Swing lipgloss when I was in NC for my birthday--now, of course I know it's not actually mood activated--I'm pretty sure it's heat activated--but I love it! In this terribly hot Florida weather, it turns bright pink and I get lots of compliments (mainly from my grad assistant, but still). It's perfect for summer--fun, shiny, smooth, etc.

I also recently got Too Faced's Glamour Gloss, which has a hilarious fuzzy tip and you like crank up the gloss bit and it comes out of all these holes and is reminiscent of a play-doh extruder. Anyway, I have it in "Love Bites" which is really more of a metallic neutral color then a plum shimmer, but it's pretty cute anyway. It has a texture somewhere between gloss and lipstick, which generally works for me. It does get all over my water bottle, though, and it's not super long lasting. I'll bring it to ALA and see how it goes.

Aren't you thrilled to hear all about my lip gloss!


pinky pinkerson said...

I am happy to read about your lip gloss :-)

I used to buy gloss after gloss, until I realized that my hair would always blow across my face and then drag trails of it across my cheek. So now I either wear lipstick or lip balm.

wordnerdy said...

YES! That is the worst thing about having long hair, as I'm quickly discovering. That's why I like my lip glosses less goopy (and why I mostly just wear my lipsmackers lip balm on a daily basis).