Tuesday, June 24, 2008

summer tv

I haven't been relying on my Netflix queue as much this summer--mainly b/c I grew sick of Monarch of the Glen in season 5 and returned a bunch of discs unwatched, but also b/c there have actually been some good shows on. I already mentioned the cartoon Total Drama Island, a Survivor parody, but I am also really into ABC Family's The Middleman (starring Lars from Psycho Beach Party!), a hilarious and retro cross between 60s spy shows and Buffy. USA's In Plain Sight has been consistently watchable (if not super awesome) and I've even been watching the new LO:CIs with Goren and Eames (my dislike of Mr Big spills over into his Law and Order character, unfortunately). And lots more stuff is coming soon-- Avatar, Psych, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager (which is by that awful 7th Heaven person, but stars Molly Ringwald! And might be good?).

And of course, I'm always a sucker for VH1's I Love Something series, and new ones are on all week! (Unfortunately, Perez Hilton is on them, and he is super annoying, but otherwise they're reliably funny.)


Anonymous said...

i had to immediately add the middleman to my tivo queue!

i love swingtown. so far it's great.


wordnerdy said...

i love swingtown. so far it's great.

really??? it just looked so weird! i don't want to watch middle-aged couples with bad 70s hair make out w/ each other. or is there more to it than that?

wordnerdy said...

Oh, and I totally think you'll like The Middleman!

Sociologian said...

Swingtown's got Molly Parker doing quaaludes! How can it HAVE more??

Did you ever wind up getting Showtime? Weeds is back on, as is Secret Diary of a Callgirl, starring Billie Piper (Rose Tyler from Doctor Who) !

wordnerdy said...

No, getting Showtime wasn't an option with my cable, I'd have had to subscribe to like this insane premium package and I'm just not that interested in Weeds or the show where Mulder has sex with way-too-young girls. :)