Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 book 43

Allison Pearson's I Think I Love You
It's 1974 and Petra is a 13-year-old Welsh girl who's madly in love with David Cassidy and dealing with the usual 13-year-old friend and home-life dramas. Then there's Bill, a recent college grad whose job is to write articles about and as David Cassidy for a UK fan magazine. And of course their lives intersect in a predictable way, but the characters are likable enough that I didn't mind at all (or perhaps just best friend Sharon is likable enough for the rest of them). I will say that I had a strong sense of dread reading the first half of the book, b/c I got curious about Cassidy and looked him up on Wikipedia, where I read about the chaos and tragedy of the White City concert, which of course our characters are planning to attend. There's a lengthy interview with Cassidy at the end of the book, but I got bored of it halfway through. Cassidy-mania was way before my time. A-.

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