Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 book 48

Cecilia Ahern's The Book of Tomorrow
I've never read anything by Ahern before--chick-lit isn't my thing--but her latest was being described as a kind of gothic-style YA book and darned if that didn't sound intriguing. The story centers on spoiled brat teenager Tamara, who, after her father kills himself, goes with her mother to live with her aunt and uncle in the country. Only everything is weird and there are a lot of secrets being kept. Oh, and her diary tells her what'll happen the next day. I liked this more than I was expecting to, actually--Tamara's transformation into less of a brat was believable, I love books with a hint of magic, there's a cool nun, and uncovering the secrets keeps the plot moving. I'm not classifying this as a fantasy since the only fantastic element is the diary--we'll count that as a form of magical realism and move on. A-.

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