Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 book 54

DD Barant's Dying Bites
Jace Valchek is a star detective and profiler doing the sassy and tough girl cop thing when she gets whisked away to a parallel world where humans are nearly extinct and werewolves and vampires are everywhere. A human serial killer is on the loose and they need her help to track him down, but things are more bizarre and complicated than they let on. It's amazing how Barant so easily transfers the trope of the tough girl detective to a paranormal world--and it's very effective. My complaints about this are minor--occasionally Jace's voice is a little too "yeah, I'm a tough girl cop" and way too many sections end with unnecessary ellipses, but the world-building is fascinating and Jace is a really fun heroine to root for. Plus there are two sequels to look forward to! A-.

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