Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 book 42

Frances Brody's Dying in the Wool
This is the first in the Kate Shackleton mystery series, yet another involving an intrepid lady detective in the post-WWI years. In this one, Kate is asked by an old VAD (lady army volunteer division) friend to track down her father, who's been missing for several years. On the whole, this was engaging enough--I liked the stuff about Kate being haunted by her own husband, missing in the war--though I thought it was weakened by various other POVs from suspects, all taking place when the guy went missing. It just reveals a little too much to the reader and I thought it was unnecessary, especially since things play out in a way that the information is revealed anyway. And the ending is very improbably action-packed. Kate is an interesting character, though, and I liked the way things concluded. I'd probably read another in this series. B.

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