Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 book 44

Kasie West's Split Second
The sequel (and conclusion) to Pivot Point is perfectly adequate--since Addie isn't playing out scenarios here, West breaks things up by having the POV alternate between Addie and her best friend Laila. This does a pretty good job of keeping tension/momentum going, though I admit I got a little confused whenever the POV changed in the middle of one of their conversations (chapter breaks make it clear, it was just a bit disconcerting for some reason). Anyway, talking about the plot would spoil the first one, so I'll jsut say that the romances here are fine--I didn't hate them, rare for a YA book!--and the action is also . . . fine. Weirdly, things are kind of more important/bigger than in the first one, but for some reason things felt a lot less intense. Still an enjoyable read, and a perfectly good followup to the first one. B/B+.

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