Friday, February 07, 2014

2014 book 33

Heather Demetrios' Something Real
I have to say, I am kind of digging this recent YA trend of thoughtful books about kids on reality shows (see also: Reality Boy and You Look Different in Real Life). In this one, teenage Chloe grew up (as in, from the moment of her birth) on a tv show about her large family (think Jon and Kate Plus 8, only most of the kids are multicultural adoptees). Four years ago, she had a breakdown, their parents divorced, and the show was cancelled--but now it's coming back. Now, a few things here are a little bit too on the nose--the class unit on 1984--or a little bit slight--the perfect boyfriend (who I actually thought was going to turn out to be a creep, because he's so grossly perfect), the lack of characterization of most of the siblings. And I wish we'd gotten a little bit deeper into the "bitchy/slutty" sister. That said, I really enjoyed this and found it entirely captivating. Chloe is a well-drawn, vivid character and Demetrios makes the whole insane situation feel real. The end is a little cheesy, but it IS a YA book. B+.

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