Monday, May 02, 2016

2016 book 80

Gwenda Bond's Lois Lane: Fallout
The first book in Bond's YA series on Lois Lane (the sequel is out today) finds teenage Lois settling with her family in Metropolis after a lifetime of changing schools because of her father's Army job--and she's determined to make friends and not get into trouble. At least until she gets sees a girl being bullied by a bunch of creepy gamers--and gets recruited to write for the Daily Planet's new teen-oriented website. I mean, there are no real surprises to the story here, but I found the narrative voice really engaging, liked that they threw Superman in as a character in a viable way (he's her internet friend), liked the general world-building, etc. I was mildly confused that the villainous stuff was called Project Hydra--SURELY you could have picked a name that isn't crucial to the Marvel universe?--but otherwise had no major complaints. Super fun. A-.

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