Sunday, May 15, 2016

2016 book 88

Elizabeth Hand's Generation Loss
I loved Hand's Wylding Hall, and have been eager to read more books by her, so I decided to start with the first in her Cass Neary mystery series--which, no surprise, is not really a conventional mystery. Cass is a washed up, messed up photographer, who is sent by a friend to interview a less washed-up reclusive photographer on an Island in Maine, where everyone is a little bit weird, there are all sorts of missing teenagers, and things are growing increasingly creepy. Cass is a great character, even if you sometimes want to give her a shake--or a kick in the shins. There isn't much to the mystery, per se, but the story itself is satisfying and I'm looking forward to seeing where Cass heads next--though maybe I'll read something else as a palate cleanser first. TW for Cass being a rape survivor, though this is not discussed in great detail. B+.

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