Sunday, May 21, 2006

2006 book 67

brad kessler's birds in fall
sometimes you just have to take a break from unpacking and read a book. i was intrigued by this one b/c annie dillard had written a blurb for it--longtime readers will remember that annie dillard's an american childhood is one of my favorite books, as it evokes so many of my own childhood memories of pittsburgh. maybe i'll reread that when i unpack the Ds. anyway, this was a compelling story involving a plane crash; family members of the victims come together at a small inn in nova scotia near the crash site. there's a lot of nice discussion of birds, as one of the major characters (along with her late husband) is an ornithologist.

tomorrow i get cable and internet installed! still, i've been killing time by composing a wizard of oz parody: if i only had a couch! (it comes on thursday.)

ETA: oh my god, I was just checking annie dillard out on wikipedia just to see what they'd say about her (not much) and discovered there's an article on the school i attended from K-8. i like that the only other notable alum (and by the way, wikipedia eds, it should be notable alumNAE, not alumNI, b/c it's an all-girls' school--learn some latin!) is the girl from my class who went on to be mildly famous with minor roles in apollo 13, what's eating gilbert grape, and some tv movie called, if i recall correctly, the great mom swap. oh, and i musn't forget free willy 2--she was the love interest in that, from what i can tell (i've never actually seen it).

well, anyway. back to puttering around!


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