Wednesday, April 09, 2014

2014 book 77

Ann Brashares' The Here and Now
Brashares takes a pretty big departure from the world of the magical traveling pants with her latest, which I /think/ is a standalone. It centers on Prenna, a girl FROM THE FUTURE!!! Yes, in this book, about a thousand people from a devastated future have come to live in the past, in theory to try and stop a series of plagues, but also to live in luxury. One of their main rules is not to get too friendly with the natives, but of course Prenna is way into a cute boy from her high school. I actually didn't hate the romance here, but wish more time had been spent on the world-building, because it's pretty interesting, and less on the hand-holding. Anyway, it's Brashares--the plot is pretty interesting, the writing is adequate, and Prenna is mildly unrealistic, even considering that she's FROM THE FUTURE. But I like time travel books and this wraps up in a better way than I'd have imagined, so: B/B+.

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