Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 book 89

Lindsay Smith's Sekret
Four words for you: 1960s Soviet psychic spies!!

My giddiness about the premise here was pretty warranted--this was a fun read, despite the dangers faced by the protagonist, a psychic teenager kidnapped by the KGB to train with other psychic teenagers to ferret out traitors and American spies. Ah, the Cold War. I would have enjoyed this more if the romance angle had been a little less prominent (my complaint about many YA books)--I mean, if your life was in danger and your mom and brother were being held captive to keep you in line, would you really have time to fall for a boy with dreamy eyes who introduces you to the music of the Beatles? OK, I mean, it IS the Beatles, maybe it makes sense. And a major plot twist is pretty easy to figure out, but that might be on purpose. Anyway, this was enjoyable, if entirely unrealistic. Then again, 1960s psychic Soviet spies!! B/B+.

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