Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 book 87

Deborah Coates' Wide Open
So this seems to be the first book in a series, where Hallie Michaels, overseas in the Army, is sent home to South Dakota for her sister's funeral. Only she's not alone--since she technically died and was brought back to life, she sees ghosts, and one of her Army buddies is hanging out with her. And then her sister's ghost starts hanging out, and Hallie starts thinking maybe her sisters' death wasn't a suicide or an accident after all. Mainly b/c everyone in town acts super dodgy all the time! Seriously, the writing here is way over the top and telegraphs way too much to make this a satisfying mystery. And Hallie is kind of a dumbass of an investigator, lacking all subtlety and getting into bar fights. I also can't tell if all the conversations are purposefully super awkward and/or dumb or not, but either way, it's frustrating to read. Anyway, things get totally bonkers, which is at least a little interesting. But Hallie isn't really a relatable character, and in general, I wasn't really feeling this. B/B-.

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