Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 book 111

Sandra Scoppettone's Happy Endings Are All Alike
I just love the existence of Lizzie Skurnick Books! This isn't one I would have sought out, necessarily, but it's 1.99 for Kindle this month, so what the hey. And I will say, it is the 1970s-est thing I have ever read. It's sooooo 1970s, it's like a historical document someone would use to talk about 1970s culture. BUT it's also the really moving story of a young lesbian couple, hiding it from almost everyone they know, interspersed with creepy diary entries written by a local young guy (I almost had to stop reading because these had such a sense of foreboding, which DOES bear out, trigger warning trigger warning). Ugh, the 70s. I feel like reading this so soon after My Real Children made it extra interesting--like a tour of horrible experiences that historical lesbians had to endure. Well written, but upsetting. I need to read something light now. B/B+.

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