Friday, May 02, 2014

2014 book 93

Rosemary Kirstein's The Outskirter's Secret
It looks like the whole Steerswoman series is on Kindle now, hooray! I really liked the first one and have been eager to see what would happen next. In this one, the steerswoman and her friend/traveling companion go hang out with some nomadic tribes, and it is FASCINATING to see how the different cultures in this universe have maintained different pieces of knowledge (in-dept poetry analysis! miles vs kilometers!). Anyway, lots of exciting things happen and Kirstein keeps up a really good narrative pace, while also allowing for plenty of character development and even a few plot twists. This series is REALLY good. I mean, if you're into fantasy worlds set in far-future times where evil wizards are using advanced technology from our time to control things. And apparently I am into that. A/A-.

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