Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 book 306

Mary Balogh's The Arrangement
The second book in the Survivors' Club series was as charming as the first, and I really liked both the parties involved here. Our dude is the youngest of the Club, blinded in the war, running away from an attempt to marry him off to a girl who pities him. He flees to his childhood home, and soon the local rich folks are trying to trick him into marrying their daughter--only to be thwarted by her poor mouse of a cousin. And then they KICK THE COUSIN OUT of their house, and she has nowhere to go! So he proposes to her, and they are super cute together. The coda on their happiness is postponed by dumb miscommunications--again, if a plot point can be resolved by one honest conversation, I hate it--but in general this was really sweet. B+.

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