Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 book 317

Sarah Maclean's Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord
And clearly I should have read this series before the Scoundrels one, which I now see is CLEARLY a sequel series--in this one, we meet young Georgiana, as she flees to a house in the country that serves as a refuge for girls in all sorts of trouble (it's an awesome house of women, where all the servants are women in men's clothes). But she's not the main character--the main character is the young woman who runs the house, which is a complicated thing because her Earl father is a terrible gambler (and has put her up as a wager more than once), and she's trying to protect her girls and her little brother (the future Earl). Meanwhile, the twin brother of the guy from the last book is asked by Leighton to track Georgiana down, bringing him pretty quickly to this eccentric household. Obviously he and the earl's daughter start making out immediately, drawn together by erotic Roman statuary. Because, of course. And then there are the many dumb obstacles that get in their way, SIGH. I like Maclean's writing and characters a lot, but these books are pretty silly. Charming, but silly. B/B+.

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