Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 book 313

Sarah Maclean's Never Judge a Lady By Her Cover
Now, here we go: the story of Chase. Obviously this one came out before I read all the other ones, so I knew Chase's identity--but it's honestly more fun reading them that way! Maclean handles it really deftly--she's very careful with pronouns--and drops enough hints that when the reveal comes at the end of book 3, you're like OHHHHH YEAH. It works. I also really really love that the mysterious bad-ass owner of the gambling hall is (SPOILER) secretly a girrrrrrrrrl. A girl who, unmarried, had a baby at sixteen even though she was the daughter of a Duke! Damnnnnnnnn. And now she's determined to marry a viscount to give her daughter a better life/reputation. Too bad she's super into the powerful (and helpful!) newspaperman from the previous books. And too bad he's got a dark secret and is being blackmailed by an evil, treasonous Earl. Things go more or less as expected, to a more or less satisfying end. (I think I am getting burned out on historical romances.) B/B+.

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