Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 book 312

Sarah Maclean's No Good Duke Goes Unpunished
So now we get the story of Temple, the third co-owner of the gambling hall in this series, also known as "the Killer Duke" because he may or may not have killed a woman. A young pretty woman he may or may not have seduced. A young woman who was DEFINITELY supposed to marry his father the next day (though he didn't know who she was). He has no memory of the night in question, because obviously she drugged him and threw blood everywhere to make it seem like she'd been ruined and run off with a guy, except she drugged him too much and threw too much blood and had no idea he was about to be her step-son. OOPS. Now she's back, willing to reveal that she's alive, because her brother has lost all his money in Temple's gambling hall--INCLUDING the money she needs to run her orphanage! Because of course she runs an orphanage. Now, again, most of the plot of this book would not exist if she was just HONEST with him, so I found their back-and-forth a little tiresome. Surely you can still flirt-fight if he knows you need the money and your brother had no business losing it. I mean, you still know what happened on THAT FATEFUL NIGHT and he is desperate to know! Ugh. On the other hand, there's an adorable pet pig, and she's pretty awesome--skilled with doctoring and with a right hook. My kind of dame. B/B+.

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