Wednesday, March 04, 2015

2015 book 54

Laura Ruby's Bone Gap
I think this is being marketed as a YA novel, but it's truly a novel I'd recommend for all ages (well, not little kids, teens and adults) and it reads just fine as an adult novel. It centers on teenage Finn, who saw his brother's girlfriend Roza get kidnapped--but no one believes him, because he can't accurately describe the kidnapper, and everyone assumes she just up and left town and he's trying to make his brother feel better. This is all interspersed with Roza's experiences, which have a very fairy-tale tinge to them that gradually envelops the rest of the story. It feels really . . . magical, as dumb as I feel saying so. Just really strong writing, and so much good stuff about first love, and family, and small towns, and people that just fall through the gaps. There are also SEVERAL awesome animals, including a cat, a horse, a goat, a bunch of bees, and a giant dog. I also really liked that Roza wasn't really the damsel in distress sort. High marks all around, even if the end is sliiiiightly cheesy. Ah, who am I kidding, I loved it. A/A-.

PS if you're curious, Petey's favorite book is Blankets by Craig Thompson.

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