Thursday, March 05, 2015

2015 book 56

Sabrina Jeffries' When the Rogue Returns
The second book in Jeffries' Duke's Men series (involving a bunch of people of various levels of society who are all involved with a detective agency and I LOVE IT) is even crazier than the first. We start with a young married couple--she has a talent for making jewelry, including imitation jewels, and her sister and brother-in-law use that to pull off a major jewel heist, all while convincing the young couple that each was abandoned by the other. She runs away to escape her terrible family and make a life for herself as a jeweler (bad-ass) and also she is having a BABY. Meanwhile, a bunch of stuff happens to him that was revealed in the last book, and now he's working for the detective agency and is hired to check out a lady that a baroness' son is interested in . . . and of course it's his long-lost wife! Action and romance ensue, and there are a lot of adorable characters, including some science nerds and an intriguing lady that I expect will be a love interest in a book down the line. As usual, the villains are way over the top, but this is some really entertaining, popcorn-eating stuff. A-/B+.

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