Thursday, March 26, 2015

2015 book 74

Mary Balogh's Slightly Wicked
So at the very end of the previous book in the Bedwyn series, brother Rannulf commented that he was off to visit a relative who had found yet another prospective bride for him, and this book picks up on his journey, as he encounters a coach with a broken axle--and with a very pretty young woman with a head full of daydreams on her way to be a poor relation to a mean aunt--only she tells him she's an actress (he has also given her a fake name) and he treats her accordingly (and she is super into their flirtation and everything that follows, and it is all super hot by the way). And of course his prospective bride turns out to be her terrible cousin (the terrible relatives here are basically the same as the ones in The Arrangement)--but at least it means they're thrown into each other's orbits again. AND they each have a particularly awesome grandma. Balogh does older women SO WELL. I could have done with less of the predatory step-cousin--I am really not into rapiness in my light reading and it felt overdone to have Rannulf rescue her from that dillhole like three times. Otherwise this was cute? B+.

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