Friday, March 06, 2015

2015 book 57

Carrie Anne Noble's The Mermaid's Sister
My mom and sister and I are all reading this book, which has a pretty interesting premise. Clara and her sister Maren have been raised on a mountain by a half-fairy woman, and Maren was found as a baby in a giant shell, so it's really no wonder that she's been slowly transforming into a mermaid. Now Clara and her love interest/boy she grew up with have to get Maren to the ocean before she dies, but of course the journey won't be that easy. This was, in general, a charming fantasy sort of story (I particularly liked the pet wyvern and all the storytelling), but about halfway through things take a turn that I found frustrating. Meanwhile, Clara wonders what /she's/ going to turn into. Clara's whole deal is that she's the shy and retiring one, but I really wanted her to just nut up and get stuff done. Things work out pretty much as you'd expect, eventually. This was pleasant enough but the villains were all pretty silly. We'll see what my relatives think. B/B+.

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