Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 book 70

C.S. Harris' Who Buries the Dead
Look, it's one thing to have characters in a historical novel reading Jane Austen, it's another thing entirely to throw her in as a character, especially when she has nothing to do with the story! It just feels cheap--especially when the invented characters here are apparently supposed to be inspiring Persuasion! ANYWAY, in this latest Sebastian St Cyr mystery, Sebastian is called in to help investigate a murder in which a man was beheaded--and the murder may have ties to Charles I and Oliver Cromwell! (Thanks to both Monty Python and AP Euro, I understood these references.) Or not, who knows, there are a million suspects and Sebastian just ping-pongs around between them. I still love Hero and Sebastian though. I even was into Jarvis for this one. Entertaining enough. B.

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