Thursday, March 05, 2015

2015 book 55

Sabrina Jeffries' What a Duke Desires
It looks like Jeffries has a bunch of interconnected series, but starting with one of the more recent ones was easier, and I didn't feel like I'd missed a bunch of backstory or anything. Anyway, our lady is the illegitimate daughter of a viscount and his French actress mistress; when her father died, her evil oldest (legitimate) brother burned a codicil to the will, leaving her, her brother, and their mother with nothing, and when their other legitimate brother tried to defend them, the evil brother disinherited him too!! DARK. Anyway, now she's a grownup, recently back from France, working for her half-brother's detective agency and longing to be a detective herself, when an angry Duke storms in looking for her other brother, saying that her brother found HIS long-missing older brother, kidnapped and presumed dead for years. Like, whaaaaat. Also, he has a FAMILY SECRET that is like super obvious to the reader but they didn't really have much science back then. So then she insists he take her along as they try and find her brother in France and get some answers, posing as a married couple along the way. The romance here is pretty cute and definitely sexy, and I liked how well they worked together in their investigations. I'm totally reading more of these, I like when my historical romances have MYSTERIES in them. A-.

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