Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 book 102

Eloisa James' Four Nights With the Duke
I haven't read any of the other books in James' Desperate Duchesses series, but I didn't feel like I had missed anything major here, so you can easily jump right into this one. And you should, because it's tons of fun. It centers on Mia, who, when she was 15, had a super crush on Vander, at least until she overheard him and his friends talking disparagingly about a love poem she'd written him. Now she's 28 and needs to blackmail him into marrying her so she can get custody of her nephew (and how are you gonna name said little boy CHARLES WALLACE, come on, we've all read A Wrinkle in Time). Anyway, the best thing is that Mia totally writes romance/gothic novels under the nom de plume Lucibella Delicosa (!!!!), and everything about that is amazing. There's also a whole thing where her dad had an long-time affair with his mom AND THEY DIED IN BED TOGETHER, SCANDALOUSLY. Her love interest is super angry about all of this, so he vows to only sleep with her four nights a year (for heir-begetting purposes), because he thinks she's been pining for him all these years and is determined to punish her--too bad he is super attracted to her. I could have done without the "hilarious" offensive nicknames he gives her nephew (who is disabled), especially as they're presented as being like "boys will be boys," to toughen him up, but otherwise this one was great. A/A-.

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