Tuesday, April 07, 2015

2015 book 83

Amy Butcher's Visiting Hours: A Memoir of Friendship and Murder
Several years ago, when Butcher was a senior at Gettysburg College, one of her good friends walked her home from a bar, and then apparently suffered a psychotic break and brutally murdered his girlfriend. She's been publishing excerpts from this online for years now, and it's now here in its final form--her meditation on this event and the effect it had on her, as well as her subsequent investigation into what happened that night. In some ways, this is a profoundly selfish work, but on the other hand--who wouldn't dwell on something like this? How could it not shatter your worldview and make you afraid? (It also feels a little selfish because she doesn't really talk about Emily, the victim, until more than halfway through.) Butcher's writing is evocative, for sure, to the point where I can't imagine her having another story to tell, because she's been so consumed with this one. But of course, I hope she does. B+.

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