Thursday, April 02, 2015

2015 book 79

Mary Balogh's Slightly Tempted
Boy, Balogh really conjured up a couple of jerks for the Bedwyn girls. In this one, baby sister Morgan is finally out, unwillingly going to balls in Brussels (for contrived reasons), and is targeted for seduction by a guy who wants to get revenge on her oldest brother. Which, like, I don't care what his backstory is, and that obviously he immediately likes her for herself, that is a DICK MOVE. Plus, he's thirty and she's EIGHTEEN. That is a huuuuuge age difference, and sure, it's like the 1800s or whatever, but it's a little much for a modern reader. It's also frustrating that most of the plot hinges on Morgan being trapped in Brussels during the war for various reasons. Morgan is cool and capable as a war nurse, which is nice. Things improve a little once the action returns to England, and I especially enjoyed seeing the Bedwyn family's interactions and meeting a pair of secret lesbians. This was definitely a weaker effort in this series, though. B.

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