Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 book 103

Elly Griffiths' Crossing Places
I've been hearing about the Ruth Galloway series for ages, and it did seem like something that would appeal to me--a 40-ish cat-owning forensic archaeologist helping a detective solve crimes after he finds some bones in the marshes. And it was . . . ok. I did really like all the history/archaeology stuff, and Ruth is pretty entertaining. It weirdly changes from present to past tense seemingly at random, which is jarring. There is also a completely unnecessary cat murder, and violence toward animals always makes me knock things down /at least/ a grade. And the end is somewhere between ridiculous/confusing/predictable, especially since there aren't a ton of viable suspects. That said, I would read another book in this series and see how that one turns out. B.

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