Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 book 69

Lois Duncan's Down a Dark Hall
This month, our branch of the FYA book club decided to go rogue, and instead of reading the most recent Sarah Dessen book (too rapey), we went for a slightly trashy classic YA book. Lois Duncan is one of those authors who was ubiquitous during my formative years--though I only owned one book by her (Stranger With My Face!!! Long-lost twin sister astral projection dramarama!!!), I read it many, many times. This one was pretty amazing: a girl is forced to go to a mysteeeeerious boarding school so her mom and new stepdad can go on a four month long honeymoon (????), and the school is even more weird and creepy than she initially thought! The version I read had been updated from its original 1970s version (ie, cell phones exist), but I'm pretty sure the bones of the story remain the same. I also appreciated that almost every character was a woman. Anyway, I mean, this was a Lois Duncan book, so it was super entertaining but not like a literary masterpiece. What's that merit, a B+?

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