Friday, April 29, 2016

2016 book 78

Dorothy Sayers' Murder Must Advertise
In this outing in the Peter Wimsey series, Peter is undercover as a copywriter at an advertising agency--apparently Sayers once worked at a similar agency, so there are tons of details (I liked the details of the ads--it was all very Mad Men--but could have done with less detail on a crucial cricket match). Sayers actually starts the book in media res and it's not officially revealed that the copywriter is Wimsey until like chapter four, which entertained me. (I would complain about the lack of Harriet, but she is mentioned briefly, and I know she'll be back in the series soon--this one worked just fine without her.) The usual caveats for casual use of racist slurs applies--even Peter uses them in this book, to my chagrin. And if I ever forget to explicitly mention the racist slurs in one of my reviews, rest assured--they are still there. Only downside to reading this great series from the 1920s. B+.

For some reason, this one is $1.99 for the Kindle right now, click the link above to check it out!

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