Wednesday, October 09, 2013

2013 book 266

Diana Wynne Jones' The Merlin Conspiracy
The followup to Deep Secret is mildly disappointing, in that it's way less funny and interesting than its predecessor. Its primary characters are Nick, the teenage cousin of the girl from the first book (who is actually pretty prominent in that one, though I didn't mention him), and Roddy, a girl living in the Court of some other world. It's the usual stopping-evil-people-from-taking-over kind of plot, though after a certain point we don't see the villains anymore and have no idea what they're actually doing. And, annoyingly, when the teens try and go to grownups for help, no one believes them! It's one of my pet peeves that teenagers in books always try and deal with crazy crap on their own, and the one time they behave sensibly and try and get adult help, it doesn't even work. Anyway. Eh. B.

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