Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 book 277

Seanan McGuire's Indexing
This was my first experience with Kindle Serials, and generally it was a positive one. I think two weeks between chapters might be a little much--I definitely forgot a lot of the details when I didn't glance over the previous chapter before reading a new one. The story itself was strong, though, and works well when read in a clump and not staggered out. It's about Henrietta (Henry) Marchen, who works for a team of the FBI (or whoever, I don't remember, I read that first chapter months ago) that deals with errant fairy tales. Henry is herself a Snow White, and her team includes a Shoemaker's Elf and a Wicked Stepsister (plus a normal guy who just works there for a reason I also don't remember). It's a great set-up, for sure. I think the end was a little bit weak--I definitely had some unanswered questions--but this was definitely a fun read. I apparently saved a dollar by buying it serially; you can read the whole thing at your own pace for $3.99. Good deal. B/B+.

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