Tuesday, October 08, 2013

2013 book 265

Kerstin Gier's Emerald Green
So the third book in the Ruby Red trilogy is finally here, and it's a pretty fitting wrap-up to the series. There's lots of time-traveling adventuring, the secrets of the past are all finally revealed, etc. One thing I really like about this series is the protagonist's relationship with her family and best friend--they're all very loving and supportive and funny together, which I feel is more realistic than a lot of families we see in paranormal YA stories. I still wasn't really buying the romance here--remember, the whole trilogy takes place over just a few weeks--and was slightly put off by the whole thing, but then again, I'm not a teenage girl. Otherwise, Gier writes great characters--all the minor and secondary characters manage to be fully fleshed out--and I especially liked the last little twist at the end. Very charming. B+.

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